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 "Janiben" (15 Feb, 2012) Games with Hanya  
Length: 7 mins 10 secs   Size: 91 MB <-- Very square sized! 
Starring: Kanjani8, Hanya (comedians) 
Highlights: Maruyama plays a random dancing game, Ryo tries out the singing game and all of Kanjani play the "E-I-E-I-O" game about things they hate. 
Hardsubbed version: MF  

 "Janiben" (5 Oct, 2011) Bathing with girls 
Length: 2 mins 29 secs   Size: 73 MB <-- Nice quality  
Starring: Kanjani8,  Sandwich Man (comedians) 
Highlights: The "Master" shares his knowledge of why taking baths with girls would never become boring like one other member thought. 
Hardsubbed version: MF  

 "Janiben" (12 Jan, 2011) Ryo's shy smell 
Length: 2 mins 50 secs   Size: 47 MB <-- Very square sized! 
Starring: Kanjani8, Karen & Angelica Michibata (models)  
Highlights: The female guest loves the smell behind a guy's ear, but Ryo freaks out at the thought of someone sniffing his ear! 
Hardsubbed version: MF  

 "Janiben" (22 Dec, 2010) Ryo & Yoko and alpacas  
Length: 7 mins 18 secs   Size: 56 MB <-- Very square sized! 
Starring: Kanjani8, Miyasaka Emiri (model - I accidentally spelled the model's name as "Miyasaki" in this clip, but was too lazy to go back and change it)
Highlights: Who looks like an alpaca? And who is the model's favorite Kanjani member? 
Hardsubbed version: MF  
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 "Janiben" (29 Dec, 2011) Annoying magician   
Length: 10 mins 37 secs   Size: 162 MB <-- Not the best quality
Starring: Kanjani8, Karakuri Doll (magician) 
Highlights: A magician who talks in a really annoying voice does some magic tricks that stun KJ8. Maruyama enthusiastically getting in on the magic act - but ends up being even more involved than he had expected. 
Hardsubbed version: MU  or  MF  


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