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  Johnny's Countdown Concert 2012-2013  (31 Dec, 2012 - 1 Jan, 2013) 
Length: 49 mins 35 secs   Size:  1.24 GB in mp4 format <-- Why so huge?!  :-(   
Starring: KinKi Kids, TOKIO, V6, Hey!Say!JUMP, N.Y.C, Kis-My-Ft2, Sexy Zone, Kanjani8, NEWS, Arashi, Yamashita Tomohisa, Tackey & Tsubasa, Higashiyama Noriyuki, Kondo Masahiko, Kansai Jrs, Uchi Hiroki
Highlights: KinKi Kids were the hosts again. Tackey & Tsubasa were at Tokyo Dome the entire time for the first time in years!! 
Softsubs:   MF  or  2shared  or  Box   <-- Fit the mkv raw file from various clubboxes  
 Apparently the subtitles stopped appearing 10 minutes into the avi hardsubbed version, but this new mp4 version should be fully complete. My apologies to anyone who downloaded the earlier version.
 *New* Hardsubbed version:  narod   <-- Full file 
  Or divided into 2 parts -->  Rapidshare 001 + 002  / Nekka 001 + 002 / Nosupload 001 + 002    
How do I watch file types that end in ".001 .002" etc?
First download part 001 AND 002 from any of the options. Mix-and-match is OK!
Next join them with 
HJsplit or FFSJ 
If you have problems, check that the name before the ".00#" bit is the same for every file. 

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  "Akan Keisatsu" (11 Nov, 2011) Ryo's weird food habits 
Length: 7 mins 5 secs   Size: 82 MB <-- Reasonable quality
Starring: Nishikido Ryo, Kanjani8
Highlights: Ryo follows his dad's recipe to create the Nishikido family's special *strange* delicacy, then also shows how he made do when his mom gave him some advice on what to eat. 
Hardsubbed version:  MF  or  4shared      

  "Akan Keisatsu" (22 Jan, 2012) MatsuJun's weird food habits 
Length: 2 mins 59 secs   Size: 37 MB <-- Reasonable quality
Starring: Matsumoto Jun
Highlights: MatsuJun's *strange* delicacy is rather similar to Ryo's one. 
Hardsubbed version:  MF  or  4shared      
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 "Janiben" (15 Feb, 2012) Games with Hanya  
Length: 7 mins 10 secs   Size: 91 MB <-- Very square sized! 
Starring: Kanjani8, Hanya (comedians) 
Highlights: Maruyama plays a random dancing game, Ryo tries out the singing game and all of Kanjani play the "E-I-E-I-O" game about things they hate. 
Hardsubbed version: MF  

 "Janiben" (5 Oct, 2011) Bathing with girls 
Length: 2 mins 29 secs   Size: 73 MB <-- Nice quality  
Starring: Kanjani8,  Sandwich Man (comedians) 
Highlights: The "Master" shares his knowledge of why taking baths with girls would never become boring like one other member thought. 
Hardsubbed version: MF  

 "Janiben" (12 Jan, 2011) Ryo's shy smell 
Length: 2 mins 50 secs   Size: 47 MB <-- Very square sized! 
Starring: Kanjani8, Karen & Angelica Michibata (models)  
Highlights: The female guest loves the smell behind a guy's ear, but Ryo freaks out at the thought of someone sniffing his ear! 
Hardsubbed version: MF  

 "Janiben" (22 Dec, 2010) Ryo & Yoko and alpacas  
Length: 7 mins 18 secs   Size: 56 MB <-- Very square sized! 
Starring: Kanjani8, Miyasaka Emiri (model - I accidentally spelled the model's name as "Miyasaki" in this clip, but was too lazy to go back and change it)
Highlights: Who looks like an alpaca? And who is the model's favorite Kanjani member? 
Hardsubbed version: MF  
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 "Janiben" (29 Dec, 2011) Annoying magician   
Length: 10 mins 37 secs   Size: 162 MB <-- Not the best quality
Starring: Kanjani8, Karakuri Doll (magician) 
Highlights: A magician who talks in a really annoying voice does some magic tricks that stun KJ8. Maruyama enthusiastically getting in on the magic act - but ends up being even more involved than he had expected. 
Hardsubbed version: MU  or  MF  
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  Johnny's Countdown Concert 2011-2012  (31 Dec 2011 - 1 Jan 2012) 
Length: 49 mins 23 secs   Size:  1.51 GB <-- Nice quality 
Starring: KinKi Kids, TOKIO, V6, Hey!Say!JUMP, N.Y.C, Kis-My-Ft2, Sexy Zone, Kanjani8, new NEWS, Arashi, Tackey & Tsubasa, Shonentai, Kondo Masahiko, Kansai Jrs, Uchi Hiroki & Question?, noon boyz
Highlights: KinKi Kids were the hosts and there was the usual hot performance of "Andalusia ni Akogarete" by a group of Johnny's guys.
Softsubs:  MF  or  Multi   <-- Fit the 53 min 13 sec (1.2 GB) raw file from various clubboxes  
Hardsubbed version:  MU 001 + 002  ( Join 2 parts before watching it)   or MF folder   
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