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  "Akan Keisatsu" (11 Nov, 2011) Ryo's weird food habits 
Length: 7 mins 5 secs   Size: 82 MB <-- Reasonable quality
Starring: Nishikido Ryo, Kanjani8
Highlights: Ryo follows his dad's recipe to create the Nishikido family's special *strange* delicacy, then also shows how he made do when his mom gave him some advice on what to eat. 
Hardsubbed version:  MF  or  4shared      

  "Akan Keisatsu" (22 Jan, 2012) MatsuJun's weird food habits 
Length: 2 mins 59 secs   Size: 37 MB <-- Reasonable quality
Starring: Matsumoto Jun
Highlights: MatsuJun's *strange* delicacy is rather similar to Ryo's one. 
Hardsubbed version:  MF  or  4shared      
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 "Asazuba" (28 Feb, 2012) Ryo in "Papa wa Idol" drama  
Length: 43 secs   Size: 2 MB <-- Very low quality
Starring: Nishikido Ryo 
Highlights: Word has it that Ryo will marry a 30 year old single mother!
Hardsubbed version: MF     
 "Hiruobi" (28 Feb, 2012) Ryo in "Papa wa Idol" drama  
Length: 1 min 2 secs   Size: 4 MB <-- Low quality
Starring: Nishikido Ryo 
Highlights: Ryo has 3 months to either quit Johnnys or get divorced! 
Hardsubbed version: MF          
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 "Janiben" (15 Feb, 2012) Games with Hanya  
Length: 7 mins 10 secs   Size: 91 MB <-- Very square sized! 
Starring: Kanjani8, Hanya (comedians) 
Highlights: Maruyama plays a random dancing game, Ryo tries out the singing game and all of Kanjani play the "E-I-E-I-O" game about things they hate. 
Hardsubbed version: MF  

 "Janiben" (5 Oct, 2011) Bathing with girls 
Length: 2 mins 29 secs   Size: 73 MB <-- Nice quality  
Starring: Kanjani8,  Sandwich Man (comedians) 
Highlights: The "Master" shares his knowledge of why taking baths with girls would never become boring like one other member thought. 
Hardsubbed version: MF  

 "Janiben" (12 Jan, 2011) Ryo's shy smell 
Length: 2 mins 50 secs   Size: 47 MB <-- Very square sized! 
Starring: Kanjani8, Karen & Angelica Michibata (models)  
Highlights: The female guest loves the smell behind a guy's ear, but Ryo freaks out at the thought of someone sniffing his ear! 
Hardsubbed version: MF  

 "Janiben" (22 Dec, 2010) Ryo & Yoko and alpacas  
Length: 7 mins 18 secs   Size: 56 MB <-- Very square sized! 
Starring: Kanjani8, Miyasaka Emiri (model - I accidentally spelled the model's name as "Miyasaki" in this clip, but was too lazy to go back and change it)
Highlights: Who looks like an alpaca? And who is the model's favorite Kanjani member? 
Hardsubbed version: MF  
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  "FNN Super News" (6 Jan, 2012) Jin's new year with Ryo & Pi   
Length: 1 min 1 secs   Size: 15 MB <-- Reasonable quality    
Starring: Akanishi Jin, mentions of Yamashita Tomohisa & Nishikido Ryo    
Highlights: Jin is asked how he spent his New Year and he also talks about food.    
Hardsubbed versionMU  or  MF or  Multi    

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 "Onegai Ranking" (8 Sept, 2011) Members to invite on the show 
Length: 7 mins 45 secs   Size: 74 MB 
Starring: Nishikido Ryo, Yokoyama You, Maruyama Ryuhei 
Highlights: The members try to be judged as people that the hosts want to invite back on the "Kaerema 10" show. (That's a show where they have to choose the 10 most popular foods at whatever restaurant they're in. They order something, then the entire team helps eat it, then they find out where it is ranked in terms of popularity. They aren't allowed to go home until they have managed to eat their way through the top 10 foods - as well as having to eat their way through all their wrong guesses as well!) 
Hardsubbed version: MU  or  MF or  Multi    


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