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  "HEY! HEY! HEY!" (24 Sept, 2011) Sexy Zone talk & "Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Furu" 
Length: 4 mins 34 secs   Size: 262 MB
Starring: Sexy Zone 
Highlights: Nakajima talks about how he thought Tackey was interested in his body.
Hardsubbed version: MF 001 + 002  or  2shared 001 + 002  or  Sendspace   
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  "TokyoMX" (13 June, 2012) Tackey as Micronesia's ambassador 
Length: 1 min 5 secs   Size: 6 MB <-- Not great quality
Starring: Takizawa Hideaki 
Highlights: Tackey goes to Micronesia to make a toast to celebrate his role as Ambassador to a-place-people-don't-know.
Hardsubbed version:  MF or  ifile       
 "news every" (13 June, 2012) Preview of NEWS's "Chankapaana" song 
Length: 1 mins 6 secs   Size: 3 MB <-- Not great quality
Starring: 4 member NEWS  
Highlights: NEWS are releasing their first single after turing into a 4 member group.
Hardsubbed version:  MF or  ifile     
 "news every" (5 May, 2012) T&T on Disney + Koyama on May-itis 
Length: 8 mins 35 secs   Size: 123 MB <-- Reasonable quality
Starring: Tackey & Tsubasa, Koyama Keiichiro 
Highlights: T&T talk about their love of Disney things. Koyama researches May-itis and how to prevent it by using a Sleep Measurer.
Hardsubbed version:  MF or  ifile     
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 "ZIP!" (4 April, 2012) Sexy Zone's favorite songs  
Length: 1 mins 37 secs   Size: 9 MB <-- Reasonable quality
Starring: Sexy Zone, Yamaguchi Tatsuya (TOKIO) 
Highlights: Sexy Zone talk about what songs they listen to a lot, while one member feels the need to say his name unnecessarily.
Hardsubbed version:  MF or  minus    

 "N-18" (31 March, 2012) KisMy video message for "SHE! HER! HER!"    
Length: 2 mins 53 secs   Size: 15 MB <-- Reasonable quality 
Starring: Kis-My-Ft2  
Highlights: KisMy introduce themselves & they show footage of their music video.
Hardsubbed version:  MF  or  minus     
 "Dodesuka" (19 March, 2012) Johnny's baseball + KisMy video promo   
Length: 8 mins 58 secs   Size: 47 MB <-- Reasonable quality 
Starring: Kis-My-Ft2, small parts from: Sexy Zone, Takizawa Hideaki, Yamashita Tomohisa, A.B.C-Z, Chinen Yuri  
Highlights: This mostly focuses on KisMy, but there is also some footage of the baseball/soccer/relay/marathon event and a discussion of which Johnnys won the MVP prizes.
Hardsubbed version:  MF  or  minus    
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 "Hanamaru Cafe" (30 Nov, 2011) Tackey as the guest 
Length: 29 mins 35 secs   Size: 296 MB <-- Reasonable quality
Starring: Takizawa Hideaki, brief video from Imai Tsubasa
Highlights: Tackey's likes apparently have stayed the same since he was young. He talks about golf, his Johnny's audition fake food, crying and his sister giving birth. 
Hardsubbed version: MU  or  MF 001 + 002  
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 "Johnny's Net" (1 Jan, 2012) New Year messages
* Please do not share these clips. Thanks *
Softsubs files: www.mediafire.com/?a8q0twsfhh391    

 - Hardsubbed versions -
Highlight for password to all clips: 2012     

A.B.C-Z  (1 min 14 secs - 7 MB)  MF  or   MU 
Akanishi Jin & Tackey  (1 min 34 secs - 6 MB)  MF  or   MU    
Hey!Say!JUMP  (1 min 15 secs - 7 MB)  MF  or   MU  
Higashiyama Noriyuki  (1 min 6 secs -  7 MB)  MF  or   MU 
Ikuta Toma  (1 min 36 secs - 12 MB)  MF  or   MU  
Johnny's Jr. (1 min 9 secs - 6 MB)  MF  or   MU  
KinKi Kids (1 min 7 secs - 4 MB)  MF  or   MU  
Kis-My-Ft2  (1 min 42 secs -   MB)  MF  or  MU   
Kondo Masahiko (36 secs -  2 MB)  MF  or   MU  
NEWS (1 min 25 secs - 6 MB)  MF  or   MU  
Nishikiyori Kazukiyo (56 secs - 2 MB)  MF  or   MU     
NYC (1 min 39 secs - 11 MB)  MF  or   MU   
Sexy Zone  (1 min 1 sec - 5 MB)  MF or  MU  
SMAP (1 min 9 secs - 8 MB)  MF  or   MU     
Tackey & Tsubasa (1 min 38 secs - 5 MB)  MF  or   MU    
TOKIO (1 min 6 secs - 3 MB)  MF  or   MU     
Uchi Hiroki with Question? (1 min 22 secs - 8 MB)  MF  or  MU     
Uekusa Katsuhide  (1 min 1 sec - 2 MB)  MF  or  MU
V6 (1 min 34 secs - 6 MB) MF  or   MU   
Yamashita Tomohisa (1 min 32 secs - 5 MB)  MF  or   MU  
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 "ZIP!" (3 Nov, 2011) Extreme questions for Tackey  
Length: 8 mins 55 secs   Size: 97 MB <-- Audio okay but picture gets stuck in places. I recommend using the softsubs! 
Starring: Takizawa Hideaki 
Highlights: Tackey has to choose between a life without Tsubasa or a life with only Tsubasa, as well as choosing 
Hardsubbed version:  MU  or  MF   
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 "The! Sekai Gyoten News" (7 Sept, 2011) Nakai vs Tackey on health, beauty & love 
Length: 7 mins 30 secs   Size: 173 MB <-- Jumpy (or is that just my computer?) 
Starring: Takizawa Hideaki, Nakai Masahiro 
Highlights: Nakai wonders why there are never any rumors about Tackey and girls. Nakai also talks about his and his family's health problems. 
Hardsubbed version: MU  or  MF or  Multi    
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 "Waratte Koraete" (24 Aug, 2011) People's image of Tackey 
Length: 6 mins 19 secs   Size: 147 MB <-- Nice quality 
Starring: Takizawa Hideaki 
Summary: The public talk about their image of Tackey while the people in the studio guess who they are talking about. 
Hardsubbed version: MU  or  MF or  Multi    


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