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[2 clips] Sept 2012 T&T anniversary + Hey!Say!7's squishy ad

  "Ousama no Brunch" (15 Sept, 2012) T&T anniversary   
Length: 1 min   Size: 29 MB 
Starring: Tackey & Tsubasa    
Highlights: Tsubasa tries to insinuate that he's getting married to Tackey.
Hardsubbed version:  MF or  minus   
 "Mezamashi TV" (18 Sept, 2012) Hey!Say!7 squishy ad    
Length: 34 secs   Size: 6 MB 
Starring: Hey!Say!7    
Highlights: Hey!Say!7 squish together in a box in many different ways. 
Hardsubbed version:  MF or  minus