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- Frequently Asked Questions -

Q. Why are some posts locked? How do I become a member?
Some posts are locked because silence is golden. There are no requirements to become a member of this community.

Q. What's the password?
You need to do what is says in the posts and HIGHLIGHT whatever comes after the phrase "Highlight for password." The passwords are written in white color so you can only see them clearly if you highlight the words. (Right click on your mouse after "Highlight for password" and drag it along. You'll see the some words magically appear in the blue space you've highlighted.)

Q. Can I share things from this site?
Yes. But please be aware that fansubbing is illegal, so someday the TV or entertainment companies may decide to warn or sue people who upload their videos. *eek!* Unless Megaupload or Mediafire decide to add some sort of sharing limit, then I don't mind you using my links. (In fact, I'd prefer it if you did use my links, because it helps keep them alive for longer!)

Q. I can't seem to watch the videos posted here. What should I do?
Try these solutions:
* Use Media Player Classic or VLC media player or GOM Player to watch the clips
* If you don't get any sound or any picture, then download a codec pack. You could try K-Lite Codec Pack (full pack).

Q. How do I watch file types that end in ".001 .002" etc?
First download all of the files that end in ".00[number]". Next join them with HJsplit or FFSJ 
If you have problems, check that the name before the ".00#" bit is the same for every file.
Q. Why do you split the files?
Uploading sites have limits of how big the files that you upload can be. If the files are too large, they have to be split into smaller sizes.

Q. What are softsubs and hardsubs?
Hardsubs: This is the video with the subtitles on it. All you have to do is press "Play" and you'll be watching a subtitled video!
Softsubs: This is just the written words. You need to already have the raw video (the video without any subtitles on it.) Softsubs are great if you have already downloaded the video file or if you want to use them to translate into another language.

Q. How do I use softsubs?
Make sure that the bit before the ".ass" softsub file and the ".avi /.mpg /.mp4 (etc.)" video file is the same name. For example,
Softsub file = IloveJohnnys.ass  +  Video file = Ilovejohnnys.avi

Softsub files for everything I've ever subbed:  MF  or  Box    

Q. Some of the links are dead. Will you upload them again?
Megaupload shut down. Mediafire has been deleting my accounts. Until a reliable, long-term file-hosting site comes along, it just isn't worth the time & effort to reupload dead links. 


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