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JUMP has performed Precious Girl!!! Have you seen this? Ryosuke is soo cute tried to catch up with Nakamaru's Dance!! Nakamaru pls do not suddenly asking our kouhai to dance on TV live. XD I cut the video into talk and Precious Girl performance. So if you want to see JUMP suddenly get up and dance is in the talk video ne~ ^_-


ori-credit : 草莓要配白巧克力

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Night Intruder

Jun. 28th, 2017 06:13 pm
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Title: Night Intruder
Author: Andy-chan ([personal profile] antimiya88 )
Pairings: Sakuraiba, Ohmiya (only mentioned)
Genre: AU, Humor, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sho sleeps comfortably on his bed when a loud bang wakes him up. Who would knock his door like this so early in the morning?! To his surprise, when he opens the door, he sees that it's his neighbor, Aiba Masaki, completely wasted. The latter invites himself inside and Sho learns something he had never thought of. Could this unexpected meeting cause an even more unexpected change in his life? 
Disclaimer: I don't own Sakuraiba; they own me.


“That’s all you have to say? After everything that happened?” )

Download: [Drama] Koshoku Robot ep02

Jun. 28th, 2017 03:19 pm
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Here goes the second episode~

Credit Original video : choc-mint-

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Hi everyone!! S
Still in Eid Mubarak celebration I got something to share! Yes the short version of Precious and FULL PV of Are You There? Can you believe that? And I am totally misundestood. They do not sing "Darling, Darling or Rina, Rina" But it is "Rila Rila" which come from "Little Love". (I don't know how its become Rila XD) This song to be said to support woman (or girl?) in love !!!

Sooo~ Rila rila~ Rila rila~ ♫♫
Credit Original video : choc-mint-

Precious Girl Short version )

Are You There Full PV )
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Another entry for today! This particular episode had Curry for the theme. I LOVE CURRY!!
They are located in different areas in Tokyo.

All entries come from Arashi ni Shiyagare episode that aired on February 13, 2016

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I decided to make another entry compiling all 5 foodie places that were featured during the death match quiz. This one is from February and it focused more on sweets. Sorry, I am not a fan of sweets so I was totally not enticed by what they ate. But it might be worth trying especially if anyone will do an Arashi pilgrimage around Harajuku-Shibuya area.

All entries come from Arashi ni Shiyagare episode that aired on February 6, 2016

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Books read in June 2017

Jun. 25th, 2017 10:39 pm
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 If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo (4/5)
Sounds Like Me: My Life (So Far) in Song by Sara Bareilles (5/5)
Bleaker House: Chasing My Novel to the End of the World by Nell Stevens (1/5)
The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North (4/5)
Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk by Kathleen Rooney (4/5)
The Bell Jar by Sylwia Plath (3/5)
The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer (3/5)
Paper Towns by John Green (3/5)
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Hello everyone!

Here is this week's News Zero.
First we have the official announcement about 3 former members of SMAP leaving Johnny's agency, as well as Sho-san commenting on it. hen Ichimen is about the relocation of Tsukuji fish market. Last but not least, Ralph-san is back fanboying, he never disappoints XD
It's still very difficult to find HQ raws for News Zero, so this week as well, it's MQ. Sorry about that.

NEWS ZERO (2017.06.19)


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If you want to translate it into your language, don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be happy to give you the raw + softsub to work on :)
We love reading your comments, because News Zero is a show calling for your opinion, so don't hesitate :)
Thanks as always to "Arashi English translation" for letting me use her work, please support her by visiting her Facebook page.
You can also follow me on Twitter to get updates on the subs.


Pretense or Love? (Part 4)

Jun. 25th, 2017 06:29 pm
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Title: Pretense or Love?
Author: Andy-chan ([personal profile] antimiya88 )
Pairing: Ohmiya
Genre: Romance, Angst, Slice of Life
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ohno Satoshi is the new CEO of the family business after his father’s death. It’s something he didn’t choose, yet was obliged to do as the older son. The only escape from the harsh reality is a host; Nino. It was his younger brother who took him there and somehow, this man managed to reach his heart. For the first time in his life, someone didn’t judge him; listened to him; held him when he needed it. He knows that Nino might simply do his job but when they spent the night together he was sure he saw emotions reflecting in the host’s eyes. Is it true love or just a good pretense?
Disclaimer: Kazu belongs to his Oh-chan and Oh-chan belongs to his Kazu


“I… I don’t deserve you…” he truly meant it. Nino knew very well that he didn’t deserve either this man or his feelings. “You do. You love me.” )


(no subject)

Jun. 25th, 2017 01:32 pm
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Hello everyone,

how are you doing? =)

rambling )
I wish you a nice Sunday evening <3

Happy 30th Birthday, Shu Fujishiro!

Jun. 25th, 2017 05:06 pm
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 Konnichiwa minna!

Been using my long weekend break wisely. Well, I'll be back in hell again starting this Tuesday. Thesis and practice teaching. Goodluck on how I will divide my time in studies and fangirling x'DD

Anyhoo... I just wanted to shout this thing out.


Happy birthday, Taisuke Fujigaya! First time I saw you in Ikemen Desu ne, I've fallen for your kind and sweet gestures! Hope you enjoy your 30th year on earth!

Jaa! Enjoy! I still need to search for more Owl City songs! Adam Young is just my newest bae and I sooper love him and his crafts (。♥‿♥。)!

Happy Eid Mubarak Everyone!!

Jun. 25th, 2017 01:25 am
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Hi Everyone!!!

Before I sleep today, I want to wish all my Muslim friends around the world Happy Eid Mubarak and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I want to apologize for my misconduct during our friendship!

Please enjoy a bit of my photoshop. I can only do for 7 because BEST color is hard to find.
Selamat hari Raya!

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It's with great sadness that I bring you this sub.

Former News Zero caster Kobayashi Mao-san has passed away on June 23, at the age of 34, after a long battle with cancer.
You can read more details about the news on Arama Japan.

As we love Zero Family since a long time, and we loved Kobayashi Mao-san, AET and I stopped working on this week's News Zero to work on this instead, it was really important to us! So really really, thank you AET for allowing me to work on this so fast!

If you weren't around when Mao-san was on News Zero, you might remember her for appearing on Arashi no Shukudai-kun 57 [2007.11.05] (the sub is available here on [ profile] arashiproject ).and Arashi no Shukudai-kun 137 [2009.05.11] (the sub is available here at [ profile] stormy_team )

Just warning you though, the subs bellow are really difficult to watch (and they were even more difficult and painful to sub).
News Zero cancelled everything they planned to show and aired a beautiful report on Kobayashi Mao-san. It's not Monday, so Sho-san is not on the set, but they showed his official comment he made this morning.
Minna no news is the only program that aired Sho-san's full comment, that's why we subbed it as well (even if it's on the News Zero cut, but NZ edited it a bit).

News Zero (Zero casters' cuts) (2017.06.23)

Size: 165Mb
Format: MP4
Dimension: 744x418
RAW Provider:
Translation: ARASHI English translation ( tumblrtwitterFB)
Theme song translation: SakurahanaHidoi
Links: MEGA | MF | FD | Stream

News Zero - full (raw, no ads) (2017.06.23)

Size: 1.01Gb
Format: MP4
Dimension: 744x418
RAW Provider:
Editing: me
Links: MEGA | MF

Minna no news - Sakurai Sho and Murao-san's comments (2017.06.23)

Size: 80,7Mb
Format: MP4
Dimension: 744x418
RAW Provider:
Translation: ARASHI English translation ( tumblr, twitter, FB)
Links: MEGA | MF | FD | Stream

News articles translated by AET and other related links:

 All my condolences goes to Kobayashi-san's family, especially her two children and her husband, kabuki actor Ebizo Ichikawa. May she be remembered for all the wonderful things she's done, her wonderful smile, and the hope and strength she has given to other people through her blog while fighting the disease. 

There will be a special program broadcast on NTV dedicated to Kobayashi Mao-san this monday at 9PM (Japan local time).

"My illness isn't what defines my life. My life has been rich and colourful." - Kobayashi Mao


[Download] Inoo Kei 27th Birthday WP

Jun. 23rd, 2017 02:35 pm
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Hello again~ I am active today .. hahaha~

Actually I have made this set of wallpaper about beginning of Ramadan, because I thought it is quite "dangerous" . You know it might endanger my fasting.hahah XD. As usually 6 wallpapers and 6 original pictures. I really love the picture of Inoo's eating hamburger. So cuteeee. And I included the mosaic too~

If you want to download, douzo!

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I am posting this in a rush so I am not going to comment much. But Chinen is sugoooi!!! hahaha~

It's only 2 days left before Aidilfitri, I want to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Happy Eid to all who celebrate it. I will make one more post on Hari Raya later. XD

Okay go to the download!
ori-credit: 草莓要配白巧克力

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Happy Birthday 27th Inoo Kei !!

Jun. 22nd, 2017 01:34 pm
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Hi Everyone!!!

Yes today is the mushroom prince birthday, Happy Birthday Inoo Kei!!
I noticed you from the beginning is I have known JUMP because my roommate is his fan. She always said Inoo has pretty fingers that can play piano. XD Well she right! Inoo's fingers is prettier than meeee~

Inoo Kei, Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu! Please stay pretty Inoo!! O(≧∇≦)O

P/S: I know so many of you are sharing birthday with Inoo today. Happy birthday to you too!

Happy Birthday Inoochan!

Jun. 21st, 2017 03:08 pm
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In my clock says it's 5:15 am in japan, so i want to take my time to wish Inoochan a happy birthday, it might not be much, but i wish him happiness from the botton of my heart, and hope he acomplish his dreams, and hope for him to become more popular this year :D
hope for all his future projects to be a huge success :D
I will leave some pictures i edited for him xD Im bad at editing so please excuse me xD

btw im still not used to using dreamwidth xD

Happy 27th Birthday, Kei Inoo!

Jun. 21st, 2017 11:15 pm
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I want summer back... T_T

Anyhoo, time to greet the most fabulous member of Hey! Say! JUMP!

Ready... set.. goooo!

Such gorgeous lips... Such sexy hairstyle...\*o*/


Happy birthday, sweet Kei Inoo! Wishing you a very happy day and hope that someday... You'll be able to get even with Sho Sakurai xDD. Otanjoubi omedetou, Mr. Fabulous!


Okay... What a tiring day... And week... I'm bummed!

First week of classes and everything's packed up already. Thesis and demo teaching are really my nightmares! How did I get myself into these messes?!

Jaa! Enjoy!

Download: [Drama] Koshoku Robot ep01

Jun. 21st, 2017 05:05 pm
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I made small poll in my Twitter about this drama. If I found any good raw should I post it?
Well so the outcome is this!! I am going to share the first episode!! Yay!! I hope I can continue for next episode as well.
OMG~ Daiki is so cute in this drama! I want him 10 at home pls!!! XD

I tried to lower my standard a bit when encoded. Then I got a file under 300MB. I am so happy because the output is still pretty!!! Okay if anyone want to sub this drama, pls tell me okay!! I am supporting anyone who are willing to take this project.

Credit Original video : choc-mint-

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Narratage: Movie Trailer Translation

Jun. 21st, 2017 02:17 am
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Here is my translation of the latest "Narratage" movie trailer (running time: 1:30).

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